How to get your company published in the catalog?

Please register with your company business email and send an email message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You need to request access to listing; in your email you need to provided your account login and the listings url.


How long do you usually take to approve the listing?

4- 5 business days.


How can submit a blog post?

To place content on our website you need to have a paid subscription.  Please send us the article for our review

The submission rules are as follows:

- Article should indicate which section in needs to be placed in

- The content of the article cannot be advertorial

-  The article should be unique

*to publish in the “Company News” section you need to have a premium subscription


How can I change the membership plan?

You can change your membership plan here.


What are the benefits of premium listings?

Your product/company will be located at the top of the list and will be highlighted.  If there is more than one premium listing then the companies will be placed in an alphabetical order.

See Screenshot example:

example premium plan