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Klaros-Testmanagement is a professional web-based tool for the management and organisation of the quality management and test process.It contains components for resource management and evaluation of test activity. Tracking of test requirements is supported, as well as agile test management (Scrum, Kanban). Numerous interfaces with issue trackers, test automation tools and continuous integration servers allow seamless integration into existing development environments.




Klaros-Test­management features components for planning, executing and evaluating tests and supports requirement coverage as well as agile development methodologies like Scrum or Kanban.

Interfaces to issue tracking systems, test automation tools and continuous integration servers allow a seamless integration in your development environment.

Built-in reporting capabilities support the creation of individual reports for comprehensive evaluation of test results.




  • Data Management - Klaros-Test­management manages your test cases, test suites, test environments, systems under test, test runs and test results.
  • Test Process Management - Iterative development processes are supported through use of test cycles which can coincide with development cycles (sprints).
  • Requirements and Test Coverage - Collecting Requirements and linking them to test cases enables Klaros-Test­management to track the test coverage of requirements.
  • Categorization - Klaros-Test­management allows multiple categorization of requirements, iterations, systems under test, test environments, test cases and test suites.
  • Revisioning - Klaros-Test­management supports revisioning of test cases, test suites and requirements.
  • Change History - Every change to test data is recorded and displayed in the change history to enable better tracking of changes.
  • Binary Attachments - Klaros-Test­management allows saving of binary content of any type (text documents, graphics, screenshots etc.) to test cases and their results, iterations, requirements, systems under test, test environments and test suites.
  • User-Defined Custom Fields - Klaros-Test­management allows the definition and usage of custom fields of various format for requirements, iterations, test cases, test suites, test environments and systems under test.
  • Import and Export - Requirements and test cases can be imported and exported via XML or Excel.



Klaros-Testmanagement is both available as a locally installed on-premises solution or hosted in the cloud.

The Community Edition is freely usable and not restricted. Suitable for entry, for smaller projects or if the functionality is sufficient.

The Enterprise Edition has a much wider range of functions, including resource management, project iterations, requirements coverage and numerous customization options. Suitable for businesses and teams of any size requiring a methodical and structured test management approach.

The Mobile Edition additionally supports an app that allows the execution of test cases using a mobile device. Particularly suitable for test teams where the test object is not just a piece of software but a physical piece of equipment that may be located at a remote place.






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